ASUS creates silence once again, this time with their N7800GT TOP SILENT, which uses passive cooling and comes pre-overclocked at the same time!

Of late, ASUS has been making a great effort to create passively cooled products lately. So far, its lineup of passively cooled products have included not just graphics cards, but also motherboards.

Today, we take a look at their latest silent product, the ASUS Extreme N7800GT TOP SILENT / 2DHTV, that uses a unique heatsink design. What is surprising is that, despite using passive cooling, this card comes pre-overclocked to 420Mhz, and ASUS has even thrown in 1.6ns memory that operates at 1240Mhz.

Just how good is this card’s performance, and more importantly, does its passive cooling work out? Turn the page to find out more!