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ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II TOP 2GB Review


ASUS's GPU Tweak software initially debuted with the HD 7970 at the start of this year and since then it has gone from a buggy mess to a usable and polished tool for overclocking GPUs. Curiously, the latest version still interfaces with the Nvidia driver API instead of the advanced DIGI+ (CHiL) PWM, providing access to only regular GPU Boost parameters and locking out GPU voltages above 1.175v. The power cap on this board can be raised to a meagre 123% which sadly is not going to be breaking any world records



  Reference GTX 660Ti ASUS 660Ti DirectCU II TOP  ASUS 660Ti DirectCU II TOP with OC
Core Clock 915 MHz 1059 MHz (+16%) 1139 MHz (+7.5%)
Boost Clock 980 MHz 1137 MHz  (+16%) 1217 MHz  (+7.5%)
Memory Clock 1502 MHz 1502 MHz 1802 MHz (+20%)

As with any overclocking, your mileage will vary.



With the fans set at 100% and using the very unforgiving Furmark 1.101 stress test, we registered an acceptable temperature of 47 degrees celcius at stock and 52 degrees celcius when overclocked, which is below the 70 degrees throttling threshold enforced by GPU Boost. Normal games and applications should run way cooler than this.

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