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Asus GTX 670 DirectCu Mini 2GB Review

Asus's own GPU Tweak utility (now at version is used for clock adjustment and monitoring. The maximum power target ceiling for the Nvidia GPU Boost dynamic overclocking on this board is 116%, capping the total power output of the card to 200W.

Stability testing was done by continuously looping the latest 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and Unigine Valley benchmark for 1 hour.

With the fan speed set at 100% and the power target slider to the max, we had no problems taking the core boost clock up to 1200 MHz (+20%) without locking up or graphical artifacting. Memory frequencies could also be raised to 1800MHz, which is a higher than average overclock. 


The new DirectCU Mini cooler also performed admirably well, reaching a maximum of 64 degrees celcius on full overclocked load (100% fan / 116% TDP cap). Under the default fan profile, the Cooltech hybrid fan starts ramping up at 75 degrees celcius from 10% before hovering around 40% duty cycle under load. Noise levels of the cooler from 1-metre away in a quiet room is noticeable but not too annoying.

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