Availability: End April 2013

Price: SGD $639

With its relatively small physical footprint while still retaining the full feature-set (display outputs, SLI connectors), the Asus GTX 670 DirectCU Mini is a polished, well-engineered contender for the wallets of those who are building performance Mini-ITX gaming rigs and wants to play today's top 3D shooters at the highest image quality settings.

The only problem is…. it's rather expensive locally (SGD$639).

Most popular best-selling Mini-ITX cases from Bitfenix, Silverstone and Lian Li already make space allowance for physically longer cards such as the Nvidia Geforce GTX 690 / HD 6990, thus only a small number of SFF users will really appreciate the size advantage of the DirectCU mini.

At this price point, we're not sure if it is worth getting over the HD 7970 GHz Edition cards, which are faster especially at higher resolutions and have more framebuffer memory (not to mention its superior GP compute capabilities and awesome game bundle). Locally, Asus's competitors also sell reference GTX 670 offerings that cost under $500.

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