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ASUS GTX 680 2GB Overclocking Review: Win Some Lose Some

Useful consumer information no other site will tell you today – for boffins looking to dismantle their cards, you'll need a Torx T6 screwdriver to screw most of the screws.

The GTX 680, stripped naked for your eyes only.


Here we have the GK104 die, which measures 294mm2 and houses 3.5 billion odd transistors – slightly smaller the AMD's Tahiti XT (HD 7970). There is also a metal shim surrounding the die which is of the same height so no grief for custom heatsinks here.


The same 256mb Hynix BGA module GDDR5 used in the 2012 Radeons, somebody's stock must be heading sky high.


3+2 phase power circuitry (less than the 6+2 on the HD7970) for 195W TDP


A software programmable 5-phase Richtek RT8802A buck controller is used (found behind)


Two SLi connectors provide the opportunity for a 4-way dance. No dual bios switch here for consequence-free experimentation

With the platic shroud taken off, we see a vapor chamber and blower design which is typical on high end boards.


On the heatplate itself, there are sticky thermal tape for the VRMs and memory modules. Unfortunately we couldn't reach the centrifugal blower fan as the screws are under the tape which cannot be reapplied easily.

No fancy heatpipes sticking out from the heatsink block (Vapor Chamber), just a copper base and thermal paste.

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