After removing the cooler, we actually see a pretty looking PCB. There is a black metal plate to prevent the PCB from warping, although we can't figure out why since the card is already rather short and the cooler is not very heavy.

The 'Pitcarn Pro' HD 7850 die, rotated 45 degrees with a surrounding metal shim. Interestingly the etchings shows that it is made in China, which means TSMC (or some other fab we're not aware of) must have a new 28nm facility there.


Eight 256MB Hynix BGA GDDR5 modules clocked at 1250MHz (5000MHz QDR).


Only a single 6-pin PCIe connector is present, which implies that the board can draw up to a theoretical 150W of power when loaded.


A ON Semiconductor NCP5395T 4-phase PWM is used that can be interfaced with i2C for voltage monitoring and control.


The DirectCU II cooler is a scaled down version of the ones used on higher end ASUS cards, with only 3 copper heatpipes on the heatsink base connected to a simple array of cooling fins.


The two fans used in the setup are actually different – a 10-bladed 72mm 0.35A model taking care of dissipating the heat from the GPU and the other 9-bladed 80mm 0.5A unit handling the toasty MOSFET cluster.


Overall soldering quality is very good and the board uses solid capacitors for longevity.