Remember the ASUS MATRIX GTX 580 Platinum from Computex? That behemoth of a card has landed, and it's packed full of features targeted at hardcore overclockers. Join us as we journey into the MATRIX and push it to the limits…

ASUS' MATRIX brand has been around for quite some time now. Memorable models from yesteryear which have garnered many accolades include the 9800GT MATRIX, 9600GT MATRIX and MATRIX GTX 285.

The latest addition to the family, the MATRIX GTX 580, is apparently inspired by exotic sports cars and even Formula 1 racing cars. Aesthetics aside, ASUS has lined up a whole slew of features. These include a DirectCU II cooler, 19-phase Super Alloy Power, a specially-designed GPU Tweak utility, TweakIt buttons and ProBeIt voltage measurement points.

The MATRIX GTX 580's box is even larger than most motherboard boxes out there. This is really unnecessary in our opinion since there's so much empty space inside.

  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 ASUS DirectCU II GTX 580  ASUS MATRIX GTX 580 Platinum
Stream Processors 512 512 512
Texture Units 64 64 64
ROPs 48 48 48
Core Clock 772MHz 782MHz 816MHz
Shader Clock 1544MHz 1564MHz 1632MHz
Memory Clock 2004MHz 2004MHz 2004MHz
Memory Configuration 1536MB GDDR5, 384-bit 1536MB GDDR5, 384-bit 1536MB GDDR5, 384-bit
Cooler Reference, 2 PCIe slots DirectCU II, 3 PCIe slots DirectCU II, 3 PCIe slots

See the full specifications at the ASUS website.

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