In the case where overclocking fails and the CMOS settings need to be cleared, a Clear CMOS button is conveniently located on the rear I/O panel.  For those who run an open configuration, a seperate slider switch is located beside the CMOS battery can also be used to clear the CMOS.  Either way, jumpers are a way of the past.  Note also, the pair of e-Sata connectors for interfacing with external storage devices without the bottlenecks of USB.


For those running caseless setups, the board also features Power and Reset switches for ease of use.  No more fiddling with the screwdriver, trying to short the pins!

An array of fan headers cater for a whopping 7 system fans to be monitored in addition to 2 connectors for thermal probe sensors (included in the package) so that overclockers can monitor their system temperatures at yet more locations than the norm.

As if that isn’t enough, there are led indicators on the motherboard indicating the operating frequencies and voltage levels of the components so that overclockers no longer need to enter the BIOS to check on them!  They come in different colours for those who like bling-blings.  These also can be configured from the BIOS to switch the indication between Termination, PLL, CPU Voltage etc. or simply to turn them off.


More bling!