The Energy Processing Unit is a chip designed by ASUS to digitally monitor and calibrate the power supply to the CPU with improved voltage regulation in response to varying load levels. The EPU also automatically provides power on-demand for higher performance and improve power efficiency by 7% when the PC is running low intensity applications. It looks to help attain the best possible power efficiency and energy savings of up to 58.6%!

Packaged Items

We can see the LCD unit for diagnosing problems, the thermal probes for use with the onboard connectors and a bag of cable ties for cable management.  A nice touch by Asus indeed.  Also, there are a few sets of inline adaptors to assist the integration of the Asus Fusion block into any water cooling setup.  The stick-on feet are meant to be stuck on the rear of the motherboard; coupled with the onboard switches, Asus has provided for ease of running caseless setups.

 Cables included in the box:

A USB and Firewire combo bracket and blower unit for additional cooling are thrown in as well.