Asus recently launched their top of the line Maximus VI Extreme, a monster overclocking motherboard aimed at dominating the playing field when it comes to extreme Haswell benching. The offerings provided by this board top the lists when it comes to unique features and hardware, today we will take it out for a spin, but before that we will give it a wax and look under the hood. 



Introduction and Specifications:

The Maximus VI Extreme features the Z87 chipset along with all its goodies. There are a few important new additions, the first is Flexible I/O where manufacturers can trade PCI-E lanes for USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0. The iGP outputs (all except d-SUB output) were also moved to the CPU instead of the PCH and new overclocking features were added into the mix. There were also a few other additions such as faster BIOS communication support as well as enhancements to the integrated Intel GBT MAC.