small Asus Nova PC: The Mini Dissected

Small is good. The lab mice take a look at Asus’ latest rendition of mini-me, tearing it apart and chewing up every single bit of it. We’ll take you on a mousey ride… C’mon in…

Small, is the perennial fashion statement. Apple, Volkswagen, and the multitude of Chinese in-betweens have all rode on the fact that it’s cool to be mini. Asus picked up the frenzy and did what an engineering firm in the IT business should: create a mini PC that will rock the world twice over. The machine we recieved came equipped with a Pentium Dual Core E2160, 1GB DDR667 RAM and a 120GB 5400RPM drive. This little machine also comes installed with Microsoft Vista Home Premium. We’ve heard that this machine will retail for a little over 800 bucks (SGD$ 1200 for our singapore readers), which is very competitive considering the specifications against the rest of the Small-Form Factor contenders out there.

IMG 0142 Asus Nova PC: The Mini Dissected

Little holes to the right are rather dubious, but we’ve heard that they are for holding pens. Front I/O ports are left out to keep the clean look.

IMG 0147 Asus Nova PC: The Mini Dissected

I/O and power. A 4.77A, 19V adapter supplies power. That gives you about 90watts of manipulative power.

IMG 0143 Asus Nova PC: The Mini Dissected

A slot-in DVD-RAM drive is internal. The mesh below hides some puny internal speakers, which isn’t too bad considering their size.

IMG 0141 Asus Nova PC: The Mini Dissected

Soft touch panel controls operate by capacitative effects of the fingers. There’s an IR reciever beside the power button for the remote control.

IMG 0146 Asus Nova PC: The Mini Dissected

DVI, DTS surround outputs, 10/100/1000 LAN and 4x USB 2.0. The green and blue jack double up as a SPDIF Out/In with the aid of a TOSLink adaptor.

IMG 0145 Asus Nova PC: The Mini Dissected

Heat vents. The Pen holders are actually there to prevent users from fatally blocking the exhaust vents.