Yesterday, top overclockers from around the world competed at Corsair’s Computex OC Main Event for a shot at the lucrative US$20000 prize pool. At the end of the proceedings, there was only one dominant winner – Team Asus (Andre Yang and TL) and the ROG Maximus VI Extreme!

Depending on who you ask, overclocking is either an art form or rocket science. While the latest Intel Haswell processors is turning out to be fairly underwhelming for the regular enthusiast with air or water cooling setups, there is actually a lot of frequency headroom and fine-grained tuning knobs to turn under sub-zero conditions, which is a godsend for those chasing competitive performance records.


The biggest winners of the day were Asus, with nearly all the winning entries achieved using their newly launched Rampage VI Extreme (our review is coming soon), and their very own dynamic duo of Andre Yang and TL picking up a cool USD$8000 for their efforts.


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