VR-Zone is proud to present you with what happened on Day 1 at the anticipated Asus Overclocking Championship 2007!

On the 7th of July 2007, Enthusiast overclockers from all over Asia and Oceania gathered in Singapore for the ultimate overclocking showdown, the Asus Overclocking Championship 2007! We have teams from China, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and last but not least, Taiwan! Every team is issued with a set of standard hardware and from there, each and every team will explore different ways and means on how to cool their CPU and Graphics card. The teams will then pit their overclocking skills against one and another, which comprises of simple voltage modifications, ramping up the clockspeeds and software tweaking. This event is kindly sponsored by Asus, Intel, Kingston, AC-Ryan, FSP and Funan Digitalife Mall.

At the end of the event, the champion will compete with THE overclocker, our mystery guest! Who on earth is he exactly??? We shall find out… =)

The backdrop of the event, featuring all our sponsors and the lovely CG character from Asus.

Our overclockers from all over the world saying Hi!

The fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Who on earth is our mystery overclocker?