ASUS AI allows you to either manually overclock the system or
intelligently/dynamically overclock the system for you through Non-delay
Overclocking System (NOS). For more adventurous overclocker, definitely you
would like to control the overclocking yourself.

The max CPU frequency is up to 400Mhz in 1Mhz increments. This
board allows you to set DDR2-711 memory frequency instead of DDR2-533 when your
CPU is running at 1066Mhz FSB thereby improving the memory performance. However,
the latencies of the memories will be degraded.

The PCI Express frequency can be effectively locked at the
desired frequency now. For best stability, try to fix it at 100Mhz.

Likewise for PCI frequency, it can be locked too at 33Mhz.

The memory voltage can be increased to 2.2V to improve

The chipset voltage can be boosted to 1.8V to improve
stability under high FSB.

The max VCore voltage allowed is 1.8V

There are a number of termination voltages and this is for the
CPU front-side bus termination voltage which
regulates the voltages for the processors. A higher voltage should help in
improve overclockability.