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ASUS P5N-E SLI nForce 650i SLI

Kind of rare to see an ASUS motherboard void of any shiny copper heat-pipes,
but this board is built to save you money, and not bask in metallic parade.
This does sport a huge chunk of heatsink over the 650i Northbridge, left passively
fanless, but thankfully it is a huge chunk, because the chipset runs very hot
in operation, and I would advise good airflow over this area for sure.

Below this hefty Chunk of a heatsink lies the 650i SLI Chipset.


Actually it is the same C55 SPP we have seen on the 680i SLI boards, just that
on this board it lacks a C19 SouthBridge to provide the additional PCIE Lanes.


Rear I/O panel: PS2 Ports for Keyboard and Mouse, Parallel port, 1394a connector,
S/PDIF Out port (Coaxial), LAN(RJ-45) port, 4 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports, External
SATA Port and 6-Channel Audio I/O ports.

There is nothing extra-ordinary to show of this board’s bundle: The usual SATA
and power cables, IDE and Floppy Cables, 2 Port USB Cable, User Manual and Drivers
CD, I/O shield and of course the SLI Soft Bridge of ASUS. Maybe more interesting
among this dull package is the ASUS Q Connectors:

Makes life of a DIY guy/gal easier, hooking up front panel connectors
to the Q Connectors.

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