An overview of the heatpipes on the mainboard. Very fine fins on the heatsink sitting on top of the MOSFETs. Each heatsink is secured by 4 pushpins each.

The northbridge with some pretty iffy fins, pretty tall but not too close in proximity.

A close up of the heatsink sitting on top of the CK804 MCP chipset, with a very nice and shiny Ai-Life emblem.

Wonder what’s under those heatsinks? Let’s remove them and take a look.

The FETs are smeared nicely with thermal paste, Asus did not use any of the pink thermal guck which all of us absolutely hate(a bitch to remove, poor thermal conductivity, blah blah blah…), Kudos to them!

The heatpipe heatsinks installed on the mainboard sure isn’t lightweight; and it’s bulky to a certain extent too. Asus effectively shrouded both chipsets, essentially guaranteeing proper contact between the heatsinks and the chipset. Well done Asus!

The Intel Nforce 4 C19 SPP Chipset, manufacturerd in the 21st week of Year 05.

The Intel Nforce 4 CK804 MCP Chipset, manufactured in the 28th week of Year 05.