An overview of the mainboard with a Thermalright XP 90-C attached.
The processor that can be found under the XP 90-C is a Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
rated at 2.67Ghz.

The 8-phase Power design along with the nice heatpipe heatsink sitting on the
MOSFETs behind the IO ports of the mainboard.

The IO ports found on the mainboard. One might wonder why did
Asus stick that serial port into the IO along with the other non-legacy connectors.
Asus has specifically indicated with a sticker that the IR Reciever of the Remote
included should only be connected to either of the bottom 2 USB ports for the
remote control to work. Located on the far right of the picture is the onboard
WLAN connector.

A nice shot of the chipset heatsink, polished to perfection, notice the reflection
of the XP 90-C on it.