Firewire 400 Connectivity: Texas Instruments IEEE1394a Controller

One of the main disappointments that surfaced on the P5WD2-E Premium is the firewire connectivity options found onboard. Unlike the recent likes from other manufacturers like Gigabyte and Abit, Asus has decided to place justa Firewire400 chip supplied by Texas Instruments onboard. With the up and coming Firewire800 standard and the >USD$ 250 price tag slapped onto the P5WD2-E Premium, we would have appreciated the fact if Asus has placed a Firewire800 capable chip onboard instead of keeping the old Firewire400 solution as we have seen on the P5WD2-3 Premium.

PCI & PCI-E Slots Connectivity

Asus has re-arranged the expansion slot placement on the Asus P5WD2-E Premium. Instead of sandwiching two 32 bit PCI slots in between the two PCI-E x16 slots like it’s predecessor, Asus has shifted the three PCI slots down to the bottom and the PCI-E x4 slot in between the two PCI-E x16 slot. This also effectively reduce the spacing between the two PCI-E to 1 slot instead of 2. This might prove to be a disadvantage for users running two graphic cards as ventilation between the two graphic card is affected.

Sound: Intel Azalia High-Definition Sound coupled up with Realtek ALC882M Codec

The onboard sound found on the P5WD2-E Premium is similar to the P5WD2 Premium. based on the Intel Azalia High Definition Audio standards coupled up with a Realtek ALC882 HD Codec, the P5WD2-E Premium is set to deliver Quality Audio to the masses. Unless you are a hardcore or professional Gamer, the onboard sound solution will definitely suffice.

Next, we will take a look at the cooling solutions and board layout in the following page.