While Mini-ITX solutions are often looked down upon as slow and somewhat cheap, not all of them are destined for use as low-power media centres or 8-hours-a-day office machines. Enter the latest Mini-ITX motherboard from ASUS, the P8H67-I DELUXE which is based on the Intel H67 Express chipset, and supports all second-generation Intel Core 'Sandy Bridge' processors. How will this mighty midget perform? We find out.

Intel's second-generation Core 'Sandy Bridge' processors can be mated to a few 6 Series chipsets, including the P67 Express and H67 Express which are often used in consumer and enthusiast builds. The core frequency of Intel Unlocked 'K' processors can be overclocked only on the P67 Express chipset, while the H67 Express trades that for integrated Intel HD Graphics overclocking capabilities. The ASUS P8P67-I DELUXE that we will be looking at today, is powered by the H67 Express – you have no access to a 'K' processor's unlocked multipliers.

Obviously, this particular motherboard is not really aimed at enthusiasts, but its small form factor is definitely excellent for SOHO implementations. Although small in size, that does not necessarily mean it has limited computing power. In this article, we test the P8H67-I DELUXE with an Intel Core i5-2500K Processor. Read on to find out more!