Meet the tablet companion of the Padfone (PadStation)

Top – Latch for opening the phone compartment and a Power/Sleep Button


Left Side – Headphone jack, SD Card slot for storage expansion and a hole for microphone


Right Side – 9.2mm-thick frame


Like the Transformer Prime, the PadStation can hooked up to a detachable keyboard for traditional typing and an additional source of battery power


Back – We see a same maroon backcover with a ribbed cassette tape player-like compartment for the phone


Closer look – cut out holes for the rear camera of the phone when docked with the tablet


Slide-in enclosure for the Padfone


Docking connectors


Phone in the dock


Android 4.03 Ice Cream Sandwich


Stay tuned for our upcoming in-depth review of the ASUS Padfone!