As advertised, the PB278Q can reproduce nearly the whole sRGB spectrum and around 77% of Adobe RGB and NTSC. This makes it ideal for most levels of photographic editing and entry-level video work.

Maximum brightness is 300cd/m2 with a real contrast ratio of 550:1.


Other aspects of the monitor are generally excellent as well.


At this point, I must emphasize that the stock sRGB preset on the PB278B is not factory calibrated (quite a significant variance before and after our manual calibration). Other than that, there was no perceptible backlight bleeding and input lag during gaming sessions was tolerable (purportedly 5ms GTG). Startup time from power-on is also pretty snappy (2-3 seconds).


The Asus PB278Q is selling for SGD$789 (price from the previous IT SHOW), and comes with a 1-year Zero Bright Dot warranty.