Let’s take a closer look at the card:

A power molex is required to give enough power to the card



The ASUS PhysX P1 GRAW Edition comes with a black leather CD pouch, the Quick
Start Guide, and the software bundle of one full game: Ghost Recon Advanced
Warfighter, 2 demos: Cell Factor, SwitchBall Demo, and the Driver CD:


The card is cooled by a single slot moderate heatsink fan very similar to the
ones found on an ASUS NVIDIA 6600GT. As there is no protection shim around the
PPU Core, 4 soft pads at each corner have been pasted on to prevent accidental
chipping of the core.

The fan on the card is rather silent, and the card runs slightly warm but the
heat output is only close to a 6600LE.

In terms of power usage, we checked with
a Clamp AMP Meter and found the card to draw roughly 35 watts of power. That’s
quite moderate.

The AGEIA PhysX Core is made in week 5 of year 2006


4 modules of Samsung 2.0ns GDDR3 Memory around the PPU core perimeter