As you can see from the picture above, the ASUS Radeon X600 XT Extreme does not look like the typical mainstream graphics card we’ve seen over the past few years. Gone is the standard VGA output, and in is a new proprietary output that connects to the bundled HDTV component dongle.

ASUS also designed a new aluminum based cooling solution with the ASUS Radeon X600 XT Extreme, complete with blue LED lighting. The card’s fan is quiet, similar in noise output to that of ATI’s reference design.

The Radeon X600 GPU does not require extreme amounts of power, and therefore the four pin power connector we saw on high end PCI Express based cards is absent from the ASUS Radeon X600 XT Extreme.

The card’s VIVO capability is of course from the ATI Rage Theater chip soldered on the front of the card.

Here we can see the ATI reference Radeon X600 XT and the ASUS Radeon X600 XT Extreme. You can clearly see that ASUS has greatly differentiated from reference design, producing a unique product that will stand out in a market full of nearly identical graphics cards.