Can the much hyped liquid-cooled ROG ARES II (dual HD 7970×2 aka HD 7990) live up to its lofty SGD$2499 price tag?

*Update: 17/2* – Added some benchmarks and short conclusion to the original piece

This picture doesn't do much justice to the actual size and weight of the package, because inside the box…


… contains a gigantic metal briefcase, complete with a seemingly impenetrable exterior and a twin set of combination locks to protect its valuable cargo.


It didn't take long for us to figure out the passwords (both default to "000"). Throwing open the case, we find a raging hulk strapped to a pair of jet skis, ready to replace its outdated and outgunned predecessor in the owner's PC.


Just like one of those limited edition masterpieces from Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, the ARES II only has a limited production run of 999. This is probably for good reason anyway, as one of these cards cost (SGD$2498) almost as much as five HD 7970, which completely rules it out of "value for money" awards.