In the section… well you know the rest.

The ARES II is made up of two Tahiti XT2 ASICs and 6GB of Hynix GDDR5 rams. Similar to the Matrix HD 7970 Platinum that we've reviewed late last year, the card comes with a slight factory overclock of 1.1GHz on the core and 1650MHz on the memory, making it a contender for the title of fastest graphics card in the world.


To accomodate its enormous electrical requirements, the board uses 12-layer PCB and a 20-phase VRM design, augmented by alloy chokes and capacitors which do not produce an irritating buzzing noise under high load.


From the system's point of view, the ARES II is recognized as a pair of HD 7970 GHz cards in CrossFireX. The PCIe lane switching is handled by a 48-way PLX Gen3 bridge, which can be found onboard recent higher end Z77 motherboards to enable 4-way GPU operation.


There is even a CrossfireX connector for you to connect a bridge to another ARES II, provided you can find/afford another one.