ASUS has a new overclocking and tweaking utility for those with Apple iPhones or iPads. Dubbed the ROG iDirect, this application enables you to monitor your machine and adjust overclocking parameters in real time. Now available on the Apple App Store.

Still overclocking your PC in old-fashioned way? Let ROG iDirect bring you the whole new tweaking experience on your iPhone / iPad! Thanks to the Bluetooth card that’s coming with selected ASUS Republic of Gamers motherboards, you’ll be able to monitor your PC, tweak parameters such as voltages and frequencies in real time wirelessly from your iPhone / iPad!


  • Overclocking: Allows to overclock your PC on-the-fly using the Apple iPhone / iPad. Enthusiasts have access to all tuning and tweaking options required for overclocking.
  • Hardware Monitor: Monitor system information, component temperatures, voltages, frequencies, and fan speeds, all in real-time.
  • Remote Control: Remote access to restart and shut down your PC


–> Click here to download the application directly from the App Store.


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