Want to see what's inside? Just open the flap.




Slowly taking out the motherboard and the boxes within the box one by one, we get an accessories board and the board itself.




There are lots and lots of accessories in the box. User Guide, driver CD, SATA Cables, Wireless Antennas, 3-way,2-way SLI Bridges, various cables for connecting ThunderBolt add-on card, ROG Connect Cable, USB/ESata add-on ports,ROG Stickers Fan, etc. You get the idea. What you will require will all be included.

There is one thing that really caught my eye though, the User Manual.
Holding the Rampage III Black Edition User manual in my hands, it seems like I've attained the power to rule the world. The cover of the user manual made itself seem like a divine manual for the gamer’s way to enlightenment. I’m imagining that the manual will glow when I'm reading it!