ASUS Rampage IV Extreme (UEFI Bios 1 of 2)

The UEFI Bios layout on the R4E is similar to the ones we have seen on previous ROG Extreme series boards – adequately verbose, functional for human use and pleasantly responsive.

Here, we can load profiles for various levels of overclocking dexterity. One new feature of the SNB-E platform is the use of a CPU strap, allowing more flexible BCLK frequency scaling at various intervals between 100-200MHz while mitigating the frequencies of the PCI-E or DMI bus.


In the memory timings section, we can also load profiles for various types of RAMs (AUTO is tuned for ubiquitous Hynix modules by default) and there lots of obscure expert settings which will please the most OCD overclockers wanting to max out their overclocks.


DIGI+ VRM Control – bountiful levels of adjustments for every critical component