Other than your standard SATA cables as well as quick installation guides, user guides, driver CDs and etc, I’ve always admired Asus’s IO Backplate. It’s not only well built, but the fact that it is padded(there is a layer of cushion within the plate), to a certain degree it will help to cancel off noise. The padded IO backplate will certainly be a hit with the people who are really sensitive to noise or generally prefer a quieter system.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the good old IDE interface. Who else still uses IDE here? Good to see that from the accessories given, there isn’t any IDE ribbons that will add up to my huge bag of IDE cables. Yes, you are right. The IDE interface has finally been taken out from most of the P67 motherboard on the market. The launch of P67 motherboard could be the last time we will be seeing IDE related connectivity. The death of IDE is near, whether it goes to heaven or hell? You decide.