Asus’ HyperXpress SSD made in conjunction with Kingston will hit shelves alongside Asus’ Haswell refresh and Z97 Express chipset motherboards.

SATA Express connector early design 1 1024x838 Asus enters the SSD market

Asus recently demonstrated its first SSD, which it is planning on launching in the coming weeks.

Legit Reviews got its hands on an early unit and was able to do some preliminary benchmarking.

asus hyper express1 645x338 Asus enters the SSD market

The Asus HyperXpress SSD will be one of the first drives launched that will support the SATA Express interface, launching on Intel’s Z97 Express chipset. When launched it will be available in three sizes to fit a variety of form factors: M.2, mSATA and 2.5-inch.

kingston mSATA drives 645x512 1 Asus enters the SSD market

Inside the drive is a RAID 0 array of two Kingston mSATA 6 Gb/s SSDs, using a ASMedia ASM1062R controller.

sata express performance1 645x447 Asus enters the SSD market


Currently the drive can push out 704MB/s of sequential read speed and 746 MB/s of write speed, but these numbers should improve in the final version of the drive.

Source: Legit Reviews