Kicking off 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ASUS presents their meanest Intel® X58 Express Chipset mainboard to date.
High-resolution peeks inside.

Shaking Nevada with a new product is tough – doing it with a mainboard is right near impossible. ASUS’s latest is the brainchild of their immensely extreme Republic of Gamers (ROG) team – squeezing out the last drop of performance and integrating never-before features onto an Intel® X58 Express Chipset mainboard.
This is what ASUS has to say about it:
“The ROG Rampage III Black Edition has been designed with feedback gathered from the PC gaming community. Featuring an additional dedicated LAN/audio combo card called ROG Thunderbolt, it features a class leading XONAR™ audio solution providing incredible sound quality and a built-in headphone amplifier that automatically optimizes impedance settings, while a Bigfoot Networks™ powered Killer™ E2100 Network Processing Unit detects and accelerates gaming network data. Combined, it provides superior audio and maximum networking performance to gamers.”
Not convinced? Just take a look at the killer (the association is unavoidable) result!
On top of what ASUS mentioned, we spot SATA 6 Gb/s, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (with front panel headers too), voltage measurement test points, POST diagnostics built in, three-phase memory power, metal composite chokes alongside solid polymer capacitors. There’s more that we’ve not seen – but rest assured that we’d update you once we’ve our gotten our hands on the business proper.
The plug-in sound card offers gamers instant audio gratification without having to shelve out extra money (that can buy a few more titles) for the likes of ASUS’s own Xonar Xense. It all looks like a pretty good deal so long as ASUS prices it within the existing mainboard price envelope (which received a good push North when GIGABYTE released its GA-X58-UD9).