Computex 2011 begins and our team at Taiwan is at the thick of it grabbing the latest trends and hardware updates. Watch out this post as we post micro updates of the event happenings.

We are now at Asus's Republic of Gamers booth right now 


Live Update (Completed) – All Times In GMT+0800h  (31 May)

12:04pm – ASUS Executives group photo holding the latest ROG products
12:02pm – ASUS Danshui Bay dual CPU board 
12:02pm – ASUS intros mem tweaking tool 
12:01pm – ASUS new GPU Tweaking tool 
11:58am – Asus showing ROG 580 Matrix
11:56am – Asus showing off Thunderbolt
11:56am – ASUS intros ROG AMD 990fx boards
11:55am – ASUS water-cooled desktop pc 
11:53am – ASUS ROG secret concept board hiding behind a black cloth. rumors says it is a dual processor X79 board? 
11:50am – ASUS G73SX ROG gaming notebook 
11:45am – Asus new ROG memory benchmark
11:40am – Whoaa, Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z  Motherboard spotted
11:36am – ASUS ROG Vulcan ANC gaming headset 

11:35am – ASUS ROG new products launching 

11.32am – ASUS G53Sx 3d notebook