ASUS NC1 active noise-cancelling headphones

The ASUS NC1 compact active noise cancelling headphones use technology that eliminates up to 87% of ambient noise. A fold-flat and lightweight 130g form factor allows for convenient storage in the included touring case for easy portability. Active noise cancelling performance lasts a typical 100 hours on a single battery, while the NC1 headphones can also operate battery-free in standard passive audio mode.

NC1 active noise cancelling headphones

Speaker driver

40mm (neodymium magnet)


32ohms =B1 4ohms

Frequency response


ANC (active noise cancelling) performance

Maximum > 18Db (up to 87% active noise cancelling)

PNC (noise isolation) performance

Up to 100-hour operating time with one AAA battery


175mm x 135mm x 28mm

Weight (without touring case)