Being a modern USB device we had expected the software installation process to be plug and play, but it still needed drivers, which can be obtained from the included driver CD or downloaded from the Internets. The programmable DSP on board can also be flashed to the latest firmware for bugfixes and increased functionality.


We had no problems with ASIO 2.2 functionality, which is ideal for jitter free bitperfect music playback ("true" sonic reproduction without resampling, which is bad mmkay)


Equipment used and Burn-in procedure for testing:


Speakers (Acoustic Energy Aego M):

While not strictly a many-thousand dollar audiophille class product, the Aego M is one of the timeless 2.1 classics which can be purchased on a shoestring and offers decent quality in a relatively small space profile.


Headphones (Sennheiser HD650):

One of the best headphones in its price range, the open and dynamic sounding HD650 is immaculately built and can be worn for long hours without any discomfort.


We used "XLO & Reference Recordings Test And Burn-In CD" and looped it for over 10 hours on track 9 "System Burn In" (sine waves of varying amplitudes). The album also has other tracks to help identify problems with speaker placement and improve overall imaging.

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