Remember the Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 that we reported yesterday which had 32-phase power? ASUS has one-upped its fiercest rival with a 40-phase motherboard, albeit still a non-production but working prototype codenamed Wolverine.

The prototype ASUS motherboard codenamed Wolverine as pictured below shares an uncanny resemblance to the P8Z77-V series, with the obvious exception of the 40-phase power design. Annoyingly, silkscreen markings of the drivers and PWM controllers used were blacked out but it is certainly a radical departure from the usual DIGI+ VRM design. Time will tell if ASUS will (re-)adopt the marketing friendly  "MOAR PHASES IS BETTER" metric approach, which is silly as there will be a diminishing point of return really.

For example, the ROG Maximus V Gene implements just 8+4 beefy phases, but that didn't hinder its prowness in claiming most subzero overclocking records.