Here we can see a picture of the Athlon 64 4000+. Really the processor has not changed from a physical standpoint, but what has changed with the CPU has come in the features department. The most significant of these features that has come to light with the release of Service Pack 2 from Microsoft is Enhanced Virus Protection, or EVP. EVP is a system level feature that helps prevent malicious virus attacks by working with Service Pack 2’s Data Execution Prevention technology to identify certain types of malicious code, particularly those that cause buffer overflow attacks, and preventing them from spreading around your system.


Another key feature of the Athlon 64 family that many enthusiasts like myself like to use is AMD’s “Cool’n’Quiet” technology, another system level feature of the K8 core that allows for fan speeds to cool down when the CPU is not at full load. Noise is an issue that has plagued the industry over the last few years, and anyway to cut down on it is a step in the right direction.

As is expected with scaling CPU architecture, the 4000+ is now equipped with a new standard cooler, one with copper heat pipes and an aluminum base. Although the heatsink is much larger in size than the previous designs we saw with the 3800+ and down, overall fan noise remains the same.