We’ve recently had the chance to take a tour of ATI’s World Headquarters, located in Markham, Ontario. We visited many different places inside the facility, including a performance lab where the latest ATI products were being tested against their NVIDIA counterparts. Come and take a closer look inside one of the largest graphics card companies in the world.


Roughly two years ago ATI unleashed their most revolutionary graphics core to date, the R300, also known as the Radeon 9700. It took the graphics scene by storm and since then has changed the way most of us looked at ATI. Since then, the successors to the R300 have all been top in graphics performance and image quality.

However, ATI isn’t just responsible for the Radeon series of graphics cards, their products and technologies are also found throughout many multimedia, television and telephony products. We here at VR-Zone wanted to visit our friends at ATI not only to discuss current and new technology, but to see how the employees of ATI designed, created, worked and played.

Just a few minutes away from Toronto, ATI World Headquarters is located at 1 Commerce Valley Drive East in Markham, Ontario; one of the largest technological hubs in all of Canada.

The main office building stands 4 stories high overlooking the highway. Adjacent to this building is ATI’s former headquarters building, which has since then become a multipurpose building currently housing: a R&D facility, fab and even an employee gym.

The main entrance is located on the north side of the building.