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ATi Headquarters Tour

One of the first places we stopped at on our tour was ATI’s design studio. Pictured are two of ATI’s designers,

Mazahir Somji(left) and Brad Walker (right). They’re responsible for most of the graphics you see associated with the ATI brand, including the new FireGL box art that is located on the bottom of the picture.

Next we stopped by ATI’s performance labs, where testing of ATI’s products takes place. The lab is managed by Ken Peters, pictured above.

Along the walls of ATI’s performance labs are boxes of video cards, arranged by product families. ATI has a collection of cards going back to Nvidia’s GeForce 256 line all the way up to last year’s Geforce FX cards. They use these cards to test against new ATI based hardware.

Here we have some more boxes, and from the picture we can see some R300, RV360, NV20, NV25, and NV30 based cards waiting to be tested.

Also working in the performance lab is

Andrew Kostic (left) and Roger Quero (right). Andrew is holding up a RV423 based card (PCI Express) while Roger is showing off a Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures of some of the hardware that was currently being tested in the labs, but were able to see some of the test rigs used to benchmark new hardware, as seen above. For some reason, I didn’t see any computers running Futuremark’s infamous 3D Mark 03 program, I wonder why…

Here we can see a collection of the games that Ken, Andrew, and Roger use to test with in the labs. They told us that they regularly check out Top 10 lists to see what other gamers are playing; buying the games they don’t already have to make sure that the new games that are hitting the market work properly with ATI hardware. I think its safe to say that the guys in the performance lab have one of the coolest jobs at ATI, making sure new hardware works with new games, even if it takes gaming all day to ensure proper


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