18 ATi Headquarters Tour

Every floor in the building is color coded. The first floor Alpha, (after the alpha layer) the second floor is red, the third blue and you guessed it, the fourth is green. Even the furniture on each floor coordinates with the floor’s color theme.

ATI’s headquarters is essentially one big cube farm. There are no large offices, just rows of cubicles, plenty of conference rooms and the occasional laboratory dispersed throughout the building. Even company executives, including David Orton, CEO of ATi, has his own cubicle.

13 ATi Headquarters Tour

On each floor you will also find a few small lounge.

19 ATi Headquarters Tour

And here we can see a picture of the main lobby from the fourth floor. And with that, we’ve wrapped up our tour of the ATI headquarters in Markham, Ontario. Next time we come back we’ll be taking a closer look at the R&D facility next door, and maybe even the in-house gym we’ve heard about in the adjacent building. In the next few days we’ll be posting interviews with ATI employees giving you some more information about things we can expect out of ATI in the months to come. Finally, I’d like to thank ATI for having us and our great tour guides, Patti and Tenille, for showing us around the headquarters of ATI.


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