Chinese website eNet have scored the first clear pictures of ATI’s upcoming dual-Cypress Hemlock card at a demonstration event. Hemlock is rumoured to source two variants, branded as HD 5870 X2 and HD 5850 X2.

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ATI Radeon HD 5870 SIX/Eyefinity edition on the right, the beefier HD 5870 X2 on the left. Note that both cards require 6+8 pin PCIe connectors, as opposed to 6+6 pin for the regular HD 5870.

The full length of Hemlock from behind – all 12 inches of it. Since this is the longest consumer card ever – you might want to check for space inside your case if you are planning. The single crossfire connector is visible – allowing quad-CrossfireX. This picture also pretty much crushes rumours of an MCM single package Hemlock chip. However, it is interesting to notice how close the two Cypress dies are to each other. This could suggest a possible relocation of the PLX chip – or perhaps a new interconnect.

Hemlock is scheduled to be launched in one month’s time at a rumoured $499. For more information, do read our earlier report on AMD’s demonstration.

Reference: eNet