Anti-Aliasing gets an upgrade with ATi’s new CFAA

Custom-Filter Anti-Aliasing’s wide-tent filter takes more
points of sampling for the final AA output. We’ll see how Anti-Aliasing improves
later on.

Edit: In finality, CFAA goes up to 24x at the Edge Detect Filter mode with 8x, even in single-card, but with
the newer beta drivers.

320 Stream Processors onboard the X2900XT Core. Branch
Execution Units take the work from the Stream Processors in handling data flow
towards ‘division of labour specialization’ to improve efficiency at which
Stream Processors work.

Radeon 2000 series also integrate full HDCP support with
integrated audio controller on card to provide audio path from motherboard
through Northbridge to the PCIE slot into the card and out via HDMI connectors
for on-stop video/audio output.

Paper specifications of the 2000 series family. This is basically trying to
pale the floating point processing power of a modern day CPU in comparison to a
2000 series GPU.