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ATi Radeon X1900XT Retail Cards : ASUS & Sapphire

In order to satisfy the demands of the market right on the launch day itself,
chip makers such as ATi have to come up with a reference design and make
these cards before hand, and then pass down to the various brand manufacturers.
This is to prevent any form of logistic problems that might impede the launch
itself. The result – major makers would have cards in sufficient volume going
round the retail shelves. But however, enthusiasts and some consumers may
complain about the fact that most of these X1900XTs available today are
essentially carbon copies of each other. If not for some brand specific stickers on the card itself, no one can actually tell which card comes from
which manufacturer. Like wise, both the ASUS EAX1900XT and the Sapphire Radeon
X1900XT have similar cards in their package.

Here, we take a closer look at the ASUS EAX1900XT:

This is how the ASUS EAX1900XT looks like. With the ASUS
sticker to identify itself, it’s the only way to tell the brand from
the card physically.

Flipping the card over, this is how the back of the card looks
like. Nothing unusual here, since it looks exactly like all X1800XTs, and every
other X1900XTs we’ve seen.

Being a top end card, it is a tradition to have dual DVI
outputs from the card. Also included, a VIVO capable 9 pin DIN connector located
in between the DVI ports.

Stripping off all the cooling onboard, this is how the
EAX1900XT looks like. If you’ve been following our X1800XT reviews, you should
be able to recognize that the X1900XT shares exactly similar PCB designs, except
for the additional VRMs added.

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