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ATI Radeon X600 XT Preview

The ATI Radeon X600 XT is ATI’s first PCI Express graphics card, aimed at the mainstream graphics card markets. The card is based on ATI’s very successfull Radeon 9600XT core, but is it any faster than its predecessor? Come and take a look..


With the launch of Intel’s new chipset more than a month in the past, it’s now time to concentrate on one of the biggest selling points of the motherboards based on the 925 and 915 chipsets, PCI Express. Motherboards based on the Intel 925 and 915 chipsets support one PCI Express x 16 connection to the northbridge and up to four PCI Express x 1 connections to the southbridge. The PCI Express x 16 connection is the standard that new PCI Express based graphics card will use, and we’ve recently had the chance to test out ATI’s first PCI Express offering, the Radeon X600 XT.

The Radeon X600 XT was first announced when the R420 was launched a few months back, but unlike the R420, it is not a complete revision of past graphics cores. Instead, the Radeon X600 XT has the same feature set and hardware support as the Radeon 9600XT, ATI’s famed mid-ranged graphics card. Both the X600 XT and the Radeon 9600XT use the same four pixel pipeline architecture and include two programmable vertex shader pipelines. The two cards also share similar clock speeds, with the X600 XT clocked at a 500MHz core and 740MHz memory speed while the Radeon 9600XT is clocked at a 500MHz core speed and 600MHz memory speed. If you’d say that the Radeon X600 XT is a higher clocked PCI Express enabled Radeon 9600XT, you’d pretty much be on the money.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the ATI Radeon X600 XT and comparing it to the Radeon 9600XT, a card that we’ve seen dominate the mid-ranged markets for almost a year now.


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ATI Radeon X600 XT
Processing Technology
130 nanometers
GPU Speed
256MB DDR1
Memory Speed
Memory/Core Interface
Pixel Pipelines
PCI Express x16
Direct X 3D Hardware
Full Direct X 9 support
Output Options
DVI / S-Video/ VGA
Maximum Resolution
2048×1536 @ 85Hz