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ATI Radeon X600 XT Preview

The ATI Radeon X600 XT uses ATI’s traditional red colored PCB and is the same size as its AGP based counterpart, the Radeon 9600XT.

The Radeon X600 XT has four exposed memory modules in addition to the four that are covered by the card’s heatsink.

The X600 XT’s cooling solution is actually smaller than the previous mainstream offerings from ATI, using a smaller quieter fan to cooling the X600 XT core. It’s important to note that even though the heatsink covers the card’s onboard memory, it does not actually make contact with it so it really does not help keep the memory any cooler.

Like the Radeon 9600XT, the Radeon X600 XT does not require an extra power connector on the back of the card. A PCI Express slot can give up to 70W of power to a graphics card, so most likely we won’t see extra power connectors on mainstream graphics cards from ATI for a few more product cycles.

Cards based on the Radeon X600 XT will differ in price from manufacturer to manufacturer, but expect to pay a little more than $ 200 in the next few weeks for a card based on the X600 XT chipset. As more and more hit the market, prices will drop, but should stay in the $ 200 range.

The Radeon X600 XT will not be the only card in the Radeon X600 family, a X600 Pro graphics card will also be sold in the next few weeks at various retailers. The difference between the X600 Pro and X600 XT is similar to the difference between the Radeon 9600 Pro and Radeon 9600XT, it mainly deals with core and clock speed. The Radeon X600 XT has a core that is clocked 100MHz higher and memory that is clocked 70MHz higher than the Radeon X600 Pro, with the X600 Pro selling at around $ 170.


Here we have a side by side comparsion of the ATI Radeon X600 XT and the Radeon 9600XT, the two card’s we’ll be testing in today’s preview.

And finally we take a last look at the Radeon X600 XT, with the card using the standard VGA, S-Video, and DVI outputs.

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