The ATI driver team is one of the best in the industry, constantly updating
their now famous Catalyst driver suite. The latest Catalyst version is 4.5 and
of course supports the new X800 series of cards.

The 4.5 Catalysts now allow you to connect to a HDTV along with the standard
TV, LCD, and CRT secondary outputs.

The overdrive feature that was introduced with the release of the Radeon
9800XT is not supported by the X800 series of graphics cards, and therefore is
not included in the driver. Unfortunately the driver now also lacks a
temperature reading as well. Fortunately, the VPU Recover feature is still
there, a great tool that helps reset the card after failed overclocking

The ATI Radeon X800 Pro has Anti-Aliasing multisampling up to 6X and
Anisotropic Filtering settings up to 16X, just like the Radeon 9800XT.