The game Prey was played on the spot with an X1950 CrossFire

Ah, we were pleased to find that the Master card runs at the
exact same specs as the slave card unlike the X1900 Master card that ran at
a slower speed compared ot it’s slave.

The X1650 Pro and X1300XT was also announced. We were told
these cards should be on shelves in October period. Below you see ATi’s market

The graph scales the prices with 3D Mark 2005 performance,
instead of 3D Mark 06 performance clearly because the ATi cards do not run as
well in it.

The prices you can expect. We are particularly interested in
the X1950 Pro not listed and asked for the specs and launch date for this card
which is rumored to debut at USD$ 199, a very attractive price point. No details
were given for this.

The Demo System ATi showed:

Aha! A RD600 Motherboard! And 2 X1950XT in CrossFire.

We see that a dongle is still used with this generation. Why no dual bridges to replace the Dongle like what we saw in Computex? Apparently when new cores come (X1950 still R580 Core), as sticking to dongle will make these cards compatibile with the X1900 PCB so easier manufacturing and lower cost.

OCZ 600w was used for the system, quite reasonable in power
consumption it seems

No dates were given again on when we will see RD600 motherboards.
This is a dilemma. Many performance seekers are already turning to the Intel
Core 2 Duo CPUs which hold the current crown for performance. An i975x chipset
motherboard is the only solution right now if they want to run CrossFire setups.
But the 975 chipset cannot offer x16 x16 PCIE lanes, which will come in useful
at high definition gaming since this is where the enthusiasts are pushing towards.
The only chipset to offer x16 x16 CrossFire configuration for the Core 2 users
is the RD600, but this seems to be delayed indefinitely, partially due to the
ATi/AMD merger it seems. Alas, even the Motherboard displayed at the event was
said by the reps to be unstable….

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