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AT&T gets exclusive rights over red Galaxy S4, pre-orders start today

The recently announced "Red Aurora" version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been detailed further and is now confirmed as an AT&T exclusive. America's number two carrier will start taking pre-orders for S4's new version later today. 

Besides gloating over Galaxy S4’s first major sales milestone (10 million units in less than 30 days), Samsung has made another announcement yesterday, confirming four new versions of the “next big thing” – colored in “Blue Arctic”, “Red Aurora”, “Purple Mirage” and “Brown Autumn”.

Out of the quartet, the blue and red flavors were said to be released “this summer”, while the purple and brown were going to follow them at an unspecified point in the future. That was all that we knew about these snazzy S4s 24 hours ago, but fortunately additional pieces of the puzzle are already starting to fall into place.

Meaning the red S4 has been detailed further, being confirmed as an AT&T exclusive. Major shocker? Not exactly, given the “burgundy” S3 is also exclusive to America’s number two carrier.

AT&T will be kicking red S4 pre-orders into gear later today, while the phone will be available in the true sense of the word starting June 14, both online and in physical stores. As you’ve probably guessed already, there’s nothing to set this new version of the GS4 apart from its brothers and sisters aside from the sexy new paint job.

Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised that AT&T is going to be charging $199.99 for it, which is the same price as the “black mist” and “white frost” models. Sadly, there’s no word on a 32 GB red variant coming anytime soon, so if you need that extra wiggle room you’ll have to make do with the classical black S4 and cough up 250 bucks.

Meanwhile, if AT&T is not exactly your preferred network for some reason, be sure to check out Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile’s own offers. Big Red has only started to ship the S4 yesterday and it sells it for $200 with contracts, Sprint has it for $150 for a limited time only, while T-Mo allows you the freedom to not pen a 24-month carrier agreement, but still charges $150 upfront, plus monthly payments of $20. Oh, decisions, decisions…

Source: AT&T Blog

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