Earlier today it was reported that Walmart is going to cut iPhone 5 price to $129. Now AT&T is offering iPhone 5 for $99 as part of a 50 percent off promotion on one of its best selling smartphones. Is inventory being hurriedly cleared ahead of an iPhone 5S launch?


There have been a couple of signs recently that hint at Apple trying to clear out iPhone 5 inventory. The Walmart iPhone 5 price cut isn’t a promotion, it’s reportedly going to retain this price point for an indefinite time. Best Buy has a promotion in which it is offering a free iPhone 5 if an older iPhone is traded in. Couple all of that with AT&T’s price cut and a trend definitely emerges. Despite the fact that all of these discounted iPhone 5 offers come with a two year contract, they’re a pretty good way to move inventory (and lock in customers). Apple even brought on Virgin Mobile recently which will be selling iPhone 5 without contract for $549. That’s another indicator.

AT&T’s 50 percent off smartphones promotions are a regular deal, they usually include a bevy of Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones. This is the first time that the iPhone has been added to such a promotion, making $99 the lowest price point ever for an iPhone 5. Refurbished iPhone 5 is now available for as little as $75, these price points include free shipping and activation. Verizon too is reportedly going to offer the iPhone 5 for $100 soon, but there hasn’t been an official confirmation from the carrier regarding that as yet.

It is logical for Apple to get the inventory cleared out before it launches the next generation iPhone, which is presumably the iPhone 5S. As per rumors, the smartphone will be unveiled in September and is likely to begin shipping a couple of weeks after that.

Souce: [9to5Mac]


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