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AT&T proudly declares its inventory is clear of Facebook’s Home HTC First handsets

Not too long ago, Facebook announced that it was going to take over Android—literally—through something called ‘Home’, and the rest was history—literally and instantly.

Facebook and its co-conspirators in the Home project haven’t admitted that the experiment did not yield much positive results.  On the software front, Home was botchy and users complained that the launcher cluttered up their handsets.  Despite massive amounts of downloads of the Home launcher, Facebook failed to retain the people that wanted to tryout Home.

Then there’s the hardware, which (in our humble opinion) unfairly took some of the blow because it came with Home preinstalled.  HTC’s involvement in the experiment with the First handset shouldn’t have degraded the phone’s value, but it did.  The HTC First wasn’t meant to be a powerhouse nor was it advertised as so, but the phone’s quick descent into the discount bin by AT&T made it seem like it was an awful device to start with.

So what do Facebook, HTC and AT&T have to be proud of in all of this?  Well, apparently the Home-strumming HTC First is sold out according to AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega.

“We sold a bunch more when we lowered the price,” he said.  “We sold everything we had on that.”

Oh yes, we forgot to mention that the HTC First got tossed into the $0.99 (USD) bargain bin, and we speculate that that had something to do with AT&T’s quick inventory cleansing.

There are no official confirmations as to the handsets quick and decisive discontinuation.  News of the phone’s indefinite delay in Europe signals as such.  Fret naught if you’re a Home fan, because according to de la Vega, AT&T will continue to work with Facebook—though, we’re unsure of how the two will disseminate and perhaps rebuild their Home.

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