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Australian brick and mortar store implements $5 “just looking” policy

An Australian store has implemented a “charge to look” policy to discourage shoppers from using the brick and mortar outlet as a showroom.

High overhead costs and increasing pressure from online retails like Amazon have caused many brick and mortar store owners to shut down their businesses.  For many business owners, the only way to escape the inevitable is to shift their businesses into cyberspace.  Even so, business on the Internet can be a hit and miss, and for many it could be a dream come true or heart breaker in the making. 

So in attempt to remain relevant in the physical space, a brick and mortar store in Brisbane, Australia is taking the battle to stay in business right to the consumers.  It might not be the best strategy, but we have to give it to the store’s management for thinking outside the box.

Here is the store’s new “just looking” policy in its entirety:

“Dear Customers,

As of the first of February, this store will be charging people a $5 fee per person for “just looking.”

The $5 fee will be deducted when goods are purchased.

Why has this come about?

There has been high volume of people who use this store has a reference and then purchase goods elsewhere.  These people are unaware our prices are almost the same as the other stores plus we have products simply not available anywhere else.

This policy is in line with many other clothing, shoe and electronic stores who are also facing the same issue.”

The just look policy went in effect last month so there should be enough data for the owner to either keep or come up with another strategy.


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